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by Rogue Sonics

Please use headphones.

Demos were compiled from excerpts of various compositions. All pieces are available for use.  

About Us


Based out of Philadelphia, Jesse Christaldi and Patrick Radecki have been creating music together for over half a decade, experimenting with various different styles and sounds. Forming Rogue Sonics, both out of their passion for music and video games, the two intend to bring an eclectic and unique perspective to soundtrack composition and sound design. Together, the duo have the musical and technical prowess for virtually any sound, style, or texture. 

Patrick Radecki 


As a multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of musical experience and a Bachelors Degree from Temple University in Audio Engineering; He has the knowledge, technical experience, and unique compositional skills needed for any task.

Jesse Christaldi

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As an accomplished guitarist of thirteen years with a Music Performance Degree, his vast knowledge of music theory, melodic and harmonic structure form the basis for awe inspiring soundtrack compositions.


Why US?

With two minds at the helm of your project, our 25 years of combined experience can accomplish and collaborate like no other soundtrack composer. We will provide a smooth and personalized experience on your project, granting you freedom and peace of mind.